This is the large size P-Box, which consists of an angled collar, and perforated build platform, with perforations through the build platform in a 32 x 23 grid.  Each hole is similarly sized to bring back the feel and excitement the builder had when opening up their P-Box kit.

Additional options may be purchased to compliment your P-Box.

The build plane measures 21cm x 15.5cm, considerable larger than it's 60/70's predecessor.   Given that today's project involve more than a handful of discrete components, but rather, single board computers, proto-boards, displays and other various I/O devices, we've further come up with a selection of mounts for various single board computers and even a generic mount that can be used for virtually anything you want to incorporate in your build.

This isn't to say, you cannot grab an instruction leaflet from the 70's and re-construct a kit onto your new P-Box.  The opportunities for electronic exploration are really endless.

Get yourself a new P-Box and start building.  The maker revolution started many decades ago.  Re-live the excitement of the p-box in this relevant recreation of what used to be an electronic hobbiests staple.

Note that mounts and boards are not included.  You will receive the large P-Box collar and build plane.  Mounts and accessories may be purchased separately.

P-Box Large

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