"Atari Styled" 2.5" USB Harddrive Enclosure

This is a small footprint 2.5" harddrive enclosure designed to house 2.5" harddrives up to a maximum of 14mm tall.

The kit comes complete with three piece harddrive enclosure with embedded headsets and screws (case color of your choice), and an assortment of various spacers which allow the installation of any standard thickness 2.5" harddrive up to a maximum thickness of 14mm.  You will receive FIVE top spacers of varying thicknesses, and one bottom spacer.  You can tell the difference between them because the bottom spacer looks different.

What you need to provide to complete this into a functioning USB harddrive, is the HD, and the Sata/USB interface cable.  Neither of those are included.  Sata/USB interface cables are commonly available online and at your local computer shop.  eBay has very affordably priced cables.  The case has been designed around the two styles of sata/usb cables shown in the photos (Startech and generic chinese via ebay).

Assembly is as follows:
    1. Remove lid.
    2. Insert bottom spacer into case as shown in the photos.
    3. Place your HD into the case (sata connector facing the opening in the end of the case).
    4. Stack spacers as required so that they come up to as close to flush with the top of the case without being taller than the edge of the case.
    5. Place lid on the top of the assembly, insert and tighten screws.
    6. Plug Sata/USB interface cable into drive.

That's all there is to it.  The spacers and interior design of the case walls allows for natural passive air movement from the bottom of the case out through the vents at the top of the case.

Atari Themed 2.5" USB Harddrive Enclosure

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