Have you been wanting to display your various Commodore breadbin computers in a manner that keeps them safe, allows you to gaze upon them all the time and handy when you want to use them?

This product will do just that for you and more.  It's comprised of two brackets specifically designed to allow your Commodore USA 64x computer to stand vertical on your desk, table or display case or optionally be mounted on a wall through conveniently positioned recessed screw holes designed into the bracket.

Wall installation is easy.  Vertical spacing of the holes in the bracket is 2 1/4".  Bracket holes should be 15 1/4" horizontally.  Measurements are center hole to center hole.   Simply mark where you want your computer to hang, level your horizontal 15 1/4" line and install star plugs if there is no stud in behind the wallboard.  Measure down 2 1/4" and repeat.

The brackets are tilted back so your computer won't fall down, and the cradle where the bottom edge of the computer rests is form fitted to match the bottom edge of your machine.  These are very robust brackets.

This bracket is specifically designed for the Commodore USA 64x computer, however, it is also compatible with all Commodore breadbin "thick" cases. 

On the last photo, the white case on the left is a slim version of the breadbin case, and the brown case on the right is the thick version of the breadbin case.  The difference in thickness between the two case types is 4mm in thickness.  The Commodore USA 64x case is virtually the same dimensions as the "thick" breadbin case, however, the 64x case has a variation on the bottom left that requires the special bracket set offered here.

You will receive a left and right bracket printed in the color of your choice.  Screws and computer are of course not included.

My Retro Computer / Commodore USA 64x Stand and Wall Mount

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