You've got yourself an Amiga 1200.  When you're not using it or want to display it, how are you going to do it?  With these brackets of course!

This pair of brackets will store and display in a manner that keeps it safe, allows you to gaze upon it all the time and handy when you want to use it.

It's comprised of two brackets specifically designed for the Amiga 1200 case profile to allow your computer to stand vertical on your desk, table or display case or optionally be mounted on a wall through conveniently positioned recessed screw holes designed into the bracket.  The brackets are designed to put the center of gravity behind the machine when placed on the brackets to ensure it is safe and stable.

Wall installation is easy.  Simply place the first bracket level where you'd like the machine to be hung off the wall and screw it in.   This is where it's handy to have a friend, family or spouse handy.  Place the one end of the computer in the mounted bracket, and while holding the computer, place the other bracket on the opposite end of your machine.  Mark level (placing a level on top of your computer as you're holding the bracket and machine against the wall).  The hole through the bracket is there to allow your thumb to press the bracket against the wall, holding it in place.  Once you've positioned the unmounted bracket with the machine and level, remove the level and computer while continuing to hold the bracket in place.  Marking the location of the bracket with a pencil can be done if you so desire.

Now, with the machine and level out of the way, and you're holding the bracket where you've determined it should go, put the screws in.  (drywall anchors may be necessary if you are not screwing into something solid).  With the screws in both brackets, place your machine on the mounts and you're done!

The brackets are tilted back so your computer won't fall down, and the cradle where the bottom edge of the computer rests is form fitted to match the bottom edge of your machine.  These are very robust brackets.

This bracket is specifically designed for the Amiga 1200.

You will receive a left and right bracket printed in the color of your choice.  Screws and computers are of course not included.

Amiga 1200 Presentation Stand and Wall Mount

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