Have you come across a 3D model on Thingiverse, other file provider or developed a part yourself that you'd like printed, but don't have access to a 3D printer?

If you've discovered a model that you'd like printed, point us in the direction of the model that interests you.  We'll have a look at it, and evaluate it's "printability".  Not ALL models ( such as those found on thingiverse) can be successfully printed.  Because that site is open to anyone's models, there are some un-printable models.  We'll have a look and let you know.

If it's a viable model, we'll let you know what it'll cost you to print the model.  If it's a model that uses screws (ie: a case) for assembly, we can modify the model in most cases to accept heatsets and corresponding screws in place of threading screws into plastic.

If everything is then agreeable, you simply purchase the number of "tokens" that matches the advised cost of your model, complete the transaction and we'll get to work on printing your selected model.

This isn't by any means the core of what we're trying to provide here, but on a number of occasions people have asked to have a model printed that isn't of my design.  In an effort to help the community, here is another option for you to get your 3D printed parts to your door.

Model Print Tokens

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  • $5.25

  • Ex Tax: $5.00

Available Options

Available Filament Colors

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Natural Translucent
Pine Green
Brown (Dark Chocolate)
Green (Dark Translucent)
Peak Green
Blue (Dark Translucent)
Light Blue
Glow in the Dark Blue