With Gideon's recent release of the Ultimate64 FPGA computer main board, it became quickly apparent that a set of 3D printed parts were needed to complete a quality installation of this board in a 64c Commodore case.  This part set is compatible with both the regular and Elite versions of the Ultimate 64.

We've come up with a complete kit allowing you to taylor your installation to however you see fit.  Included in the kit are left and right keyboard brackets, mainboard support bracket, userport bracket and TWO different styles for the power connector and power button area.  These two styles are as follows:

1. A single power plate that covers the void around the power connector and pin style power button that comes installed on your Ultimate 64.
2. A separate power plate that covers the void around the power connector only, and a separate large power button that slips over the factory pin momentary switch installed on the board, filling the entire switch hole opening.

As an option, you can add a power button that's illuminated with an LED.  The button comes to you printed in natural/translucent, with an LED (color of your choice).  I've reduced the price of this option because at this time, I don't have enough dupont wiring to make a harness for the LED.  So, this option includes the natural/translucent button with LED.  You'll need to fab-up your own bit of wiring for it.

This set consists of seven components.

1. Left keyboard bracket (redesigned to match the new right bracket) with installed heatset, screw and stainless steel washer
2. Right keyboard bracket (redesigned to allow keyboard connection to mainboard) with installed heatset, screw and stainless steel washer
3. Center PCB support bracket
4. Power connector/Power button plate 
5. "Alternate design" separate power plate and power button
6. Userport plate
7. Small bag containing 5 washers used to fasten down the parts set (you supply the screws).

As you can see from the photos, I had to completely re-design the right keyboard bracket so as to accommodate the keyboard connector. Because of the minimal size of the board, I didn't want to apply any pressure on the PCB from a keyboard mount perspective, so I shifted it all to the left. Now the base of the case takes the load of the entire keyboard leaving the PCB to rest without any stress. 

This installation set of parts is based on the Gideon Ultimate64 v1.2 mainboard, and is compatible with the 64c, kickstarter and post-kickstarter cases.

Each  of the two keyboard brackets come complete and ready to use. Brass M3 heatsets are inserted into the plastic mounts into which the two black oxide M3 hex head screws thread into.  Two stainless steel washers are also included, so you'll just put your brackets in, and secure the keyboard with the supplied screws.

For those interested in the Ultimate 64 Joystick Port Mount.  For a full description of this, please check the following link:


This item basically adds two additional joystick port connectors to the left keyboard bracket mount.  Accessing these ports requires modification to your kickstarter (64c) style case.  Once completed, you will have access to the two additional joystick connector ports out the left side of the case.  Important to take note, that you additionally need to have (and wire in) the Gideon 4 player joystick adapter (once it's released) to make this system work.  You could alternately, build your own ( Protovision Page ).

Additionally, I've provided you the option of substituting the left keyboard bracket for the Userport side mount bracket (https://corei64.com/shop/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=245).  This bracket replaces the left keyboard bracket with an integrated left keyboard bracket and userport board side mount.  By selecting this option, you save yourself a few dollars and won't end up with an unused left keyboard bracket if you plan on installing the userport side mount.

Ultimate 64 Installation Kit for 64c Case

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