This original designed case was created to house the raspberry pi and Pi1541 board utilizing the Pi1541io board.  If you don't have our board yet, you can purchase it through the following link: COREi64 Pi1541 OLED board.  If buying the Pi1541 board from us as well, be sure to send us a note along with your purchase of the case so that we can ensure it's set up correctly for this case.

This case is designed for the Pi1541io board, and incorporates the OLED display right into the lid using an included retainer plate.  

This product comes as a 4 part set, lid, bottom, OLED retainer plate and push button with optional stand available as an add-on. As with all my cases, heatsets are embedded into the plastic and black oxide screws are used to hold it all together.  

Screws hold the Raspberry Pi 3 onto the base, four screws hold the lid to the base, and one screw holds the case to the stand.  Generous channels and vents are incorporated into the case design to allow for plenty of passive cooling.

Take note that the Raspberry Pi and COREi64 assembled Pi1541 is not included in this item.  This item is for the case and lid and you can choose to purchase the optional stand as well.  Everything else is show for illustrative purposes only.

The case will function fine without the stand, however, if you don't purchase the stand, it is highly recommended that you pick up some sticky feet and apply them to the bottom of the case to ensure that the cooling vents are not blocked.

NOTE: If you choose to purchase the stand, it will be printed the same color as the base.  If you prefer the stand to be printed in a different color, please include a note with your purchase.

Pi1541 "CYLON" Case for Raspberry Pi Commodore 1541 Emulator

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