This is a replacement LEFT keyboard bracket for the Ultimate 64 Installation Kit for the 64c that holds the userport connection.

On the original Commodore 64, the user port resides on the left side of the computer at the rear.  This location is occupied by 2 USB ports, network and HDMI on the Ultimate64.  As such, a new location needed to be found.  This design allows for the installation of the userport, still on the left side of the machine except it's now on the side of the machine instead of the rear.  This has been accomplished by designing the port into the left keyboard bracket.  

The installation process is rather straight forward, however some modifications are required.

1. A slot needs to be cut into the side of your case.  The actual location is found by installing the left userport keyboard bracket/mount without the userport board installed.
2. Using a mechanical pencil or similar, trace the slot on the inside of the case.
3. Drill a hole at each end of the traced slot to indicate the limit of the slot.  The hole shouldn't be larger in diameter than 3mm. 
4. Now with a ruler, connect the top and bottom of the hole with a pencil mark on the outside of the case.  This now shows you where you have to cut.
5. With something like a dremel rotary or reciprocating tool slowly cut down either side of the line, hole to hole, creating a slot through the case.
6. Make sure you cut slowly as the plastic will melt if you use a tool that spins too fast.
7. Finish trimming it up with a knife.
8. It doesn't have to be perfect, as the shield attaches to the outside of the case and covers the slot that you made in the case.  Get a bit of double sided tape to attach the shield to the outside of the case once the installation is complete.

Now you're ready to install everything.  Next you'll have to do either #9 or #10.  Whichever you prefer.  Either have to be done because of the proximity of the keyboard to the cable connection.

9. Trim to top bar off one end of the ribbon cable, leaving the sides as it's the sides that keep the connector together.
10. Trim the bottom corner of the keyboard. (I prefer #9 as it's less of an impact on your machine).

Install the userport adapter cable as directed in Gideon's instruction manual.

This bracket is compatible with the Gideon Ultimate64 and Ultimate64 Elite mainboards, and 64c, kickstarter and post-kickstarter cases.

This mount utilizes one brass heatsets, black oxide screws and stainless steel washers all included.  3D printed parts include the mount, mount cap and external userport connector shield.  You will need to provide the userport adapter from Gideon as well as a bit of double sided tape to attach the shield to the outside of the case.

Ultimate 64 Userport Port Side-Mount for Ultimate 64 Installation Kit

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