NOTE: I manufacture these in small batches, resulting in this being frequently out of stock.  If you are trying to buy one, please send me a message and I will let you know when more will be available.  Thank-you for your patience.

For the first time anywhere since 1986, and available in very limited quantities, now you can own your very own pre-assembled and tested "Phantom".  The Phantom is a 1541/C64 drive enhancement that was available in the UK in the mid 80's.  It was only available for a short time, and has long since thought to have been lost forever.

This is an accurate reproduction of the original and comes to you complete, tested, and ready to use.  What you do need to provide is: a Commodore 64 computer, 1541 long-board disk drive and one additional 6522 IC.  These are very commonly available chips, and are in most enthusiasts parts collection.  If you however need the extra 6522 chip, it is available as an option with this board.

Instructions on how to use/install this board can be found here: The Phantom GitHub

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The Phantom - 1541 Drive Enhancement

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