• Commodore PET Disk Drive (Drive 0 and Drive 1) Label set

This is an accurate reproduction set of Drive 0/1 Labels for the Commodore PET, IEEE Disk Drives that are found on the face of each drive.

The label is virtually indistinguishable from the original right down to the textured finish and anti-scratch coating.  The adhesive is bonded to the back of the label, so all you need to do is remove the old label (if there's anything left of it), clean the surface, and apply the new label.

Add this new label to your Commodore PET Disk Drive whether it has a tired and worn label, or you just want to dress it up!

NOTE: Although the shop will charge you the normal shipping rate for tracked/insured shipping, if you'd prefer non-tracked, non-insured shipping for the cost of letter mail on this item, please notify me after your purchase, and I will refund you the difference.  Please take note that if you choose to go with non-tracked/non-insured shipping on this item, COREi64 will not be responsible for replacing any lost labels.

Commodore PET Disk Drive (Drive 0 and Drive 1) Label set

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