Due to popular demand, I've created a "Print it Yourself" series of select models, and this Strikelink case is one of them.

This product is for the use of (for the individual purchasers personal use only) the 3D design STL files.  The purpose of this is to allow individuals with 3D printers to print their own case for their Strikelink Wifi modem.

This is a case designed for the Strikelink Wifi modem. This is a two piece case design for this Commodore 64/128 compatible wifi modem.  This modem can be purchase at this location: https://1200baud.wordpress.com/2017/03/13/strikelink-wifi-c64-modem/

The case is designed to be held together using M2 brass heatsets embedded into the lid, and M2 screws that thread in from the bottom of the case. Vents across the top provide interest and a place for the surface mounted LED's light to illuminate through the top of the case.

Take note that you are not purchasing the printed case, but rather the use of the STL files for your own personal use only.  Please do not share these files, or post them anywhere.  You do not own the rights to these files, but rather only the right to print this case for your own personal use only.

You may not duplicate, modify, share, upload, sell or give away prints generated from these STLs.  I hope you will respect my wishes in purchasing the use of these files.

This case is designed for heatset hardware.  You may of course feel free to secure this model any way you choose.

Thank-you for respecting my wishes.

[PIY Series] Strikelink Case

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