• MasterTracker - 1541 Drive Enhancement

The MasterTracker is the ultimate 1541 Drive Enhancement offered to you exclusively through COREi64.com  The MasterTracker was developed in a collaborative team effort environment between the following individuals: Wes256, DDI and COREi64.  At no time in the history of Commodore has such a device ever been created or offered to the Commodore enthusiast community.

The MasterTracker installs in the face of your 1541 disk drive, and connects to your 1541 logic board through the MasterTracker main logic board.  This item is a destructive install, in that some material must be removed from the front of your 1541 to install the device.  So, you will have to do this yourself or have a mate help you.  An installation video will be created to show how this installation is accomplished.  Soldering to the drive ID pads will need to be done by the buyer in order to activate the ID switcher built-in to the front of the drive.

The kit includes the following:

- MasterTracker Installation Bezel (designed for the installers use to ensure the exact amount of material will be removed.
- MasterTracker Bezel
- MasterTracker Display Board with standard non-illuminated switches (illuminated switches are an option)
- MasterTracker Main Logic Board SMD Version (through hole "old school" socketed DIP board is an option)
- MasterTracker UC2 Tap Board
- MasterTracker ROM Board with programmed EPROM
- MasterTracker wiring harnesses (all that are required for installation)

Full support documentation will be made available through the MasterTracker GitHub.

You will need to supply your own 1541 disk drive.  This item is for the MasterTracker kit only.

NOTE: This is a "PRE ORDER".  Due to part shortages, there may be approximately a 6-8 week delay between your pre-order purchase and shipment of your device.  If it will look like it will take longer than that, you will be advised by e-mail.  The MasterTracker furthermore is a complex device and each device is hand built and tested.  This takes time.  This is the only way the MasterTracker will be made available for sale, and will be shipped on a "first ordered", "first shipped" basis.  Options will be made available to you at time of purchase, where you may choose to purchase the bare bones device, or personalize it with some unique features to make it truly your own.  I cannot guarantee the 7-segment displays will be red due to part shortages.  Displays may be red or yellow depending on parts availability at time of building.  PCB colors may vary, however, bezel will always be black.

Options available at time of purchase are as follows:

1. The basic MasterTracker comes with non-illuminated (white) pushbuttons on the drives front display.  You may choose to upgrade your build to utilized illuminated switches.
2. The basic MasterTracker comes with the SMD (surface mounted component) main logic board.  You may choose to upgrade to the larger through hole main logic board.
3. A bi-color 1541 Drive LED is available as an option, in your choice of Red/Green or Red/Blue.  This feature will allow you to have the drive steps reflected in the drive's power LED.

MasterTracker Features (from left to right):
- (BOTTOM LEFT) Optional Step LED in place of the original Power LED.
- Illuminated Logo
- 5 Bar LED illuminated light bars that roll on drive writing
- Drive Reset Button
- Track and Half Track display
- Tracker Sync Button
- Diskette Density Indicator
- Drive Device ID Selector Button
- Drive Device ID Display
- Drive ROM Selector Button
- Drive ROM Selection Indicators (1 through 4)
- 1541 Logo that Illuminates Blue when Diskette is Write-Protected
- [AUDIO FEATURE] Plays sounds representing data density, and sync marks (may be turned on/off with onboard jumper

As this is a very new product, documents will be created and placed on the Github pertaining to installation instructions and device usage.

If you have any questions, please send a message through the comment link at the top of the shop's page.

PRE-ORDERS must be paid in full before work will commence on your device.  Think of this method to be the same way we all have to buy a Mega65.  Pre-order and wait a bit.  This is the only way this product will be made available for purchase.

Due to the higher than normal value of this particular item, the cost of packaging, shipping and insurance is increased.  The "overweight" surcharge has been applied to this product to offset this additional cost.

MasterTracker - 1541 Drive Enhancement

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