This is a case for your Sidekick 64/Raspberry Pi Zero2W combo cartridge.

As a COREi64 original design, you can expect a robust case with smooth exterior surfaces.  The case uses brass heatsets and black oxide screws to keep it closed, allowing easy opening and closing as often as you wish without worrying about wearing out the fastener location of the case.  All raspberry pi board edge ports are accessible through the case, including easy access to the SDcard.

Take note that for the Zero2W board, there are a couple different ways the push buttons could be installed.  The "wrong way" and the "right way".  The right way to have the buttons attached to the Sidkick mini board is for the reset/menu button to be on the top of the board, and the freeze/alt and option buttons to be on the bottom of the board.  This is how this case is designed.  This configuration keeps the reset/menu button away from the hdmi cable connection.  Some of the builders out there install the buttons incorrectly, and as such would need to be changed by the purchaser before they'd be able to use this case.  Keep that in mind when ordering this case. 

The sidekick64 cartridge is an open source "build it yourself" or "get a buddy to build it for you" project.  The source files can be found on the developers github page found here. (SIDEKICK64 Github).

Because this is a "build it yourself" board, I cannot be held responsible for the elevation you solder the display.  The display should not be higher than 8mm from the top surface of the PCB.  The cartridge build can use through-hole LEDs provided they don't stick out too high.  I've built my test boards with surface mounted LEDs.  If you'd like to discuss the build requirements of the Sidekick64, reach out to me through the Contact Page on this site, or at my 8-Bit Resurgence e-mail address.  I can provide you with all the details you need.

This product is an original COREi64 design as is the label provided with, and applied on, the case you will receive.

Note that this is for the cartridge case with labels only.  Any other hardware shown in the photos is for illustrative purposes only.  The Sidekick mini, raspberry pi or any other hardware shown is not included.

This case requires a 1.5mm allen wrench.  If you don't already own one, you can include one with your order.

If you have any questions, reach out.

Sidekick 64 Zero2W Mini Case

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