The D9060/D9090 were two physically identical harddrives produced in the early 1980's for the Commodore PET computers.  The only difference between the two was a jumper setting on the main DOS board, and a different Tandon hard drive mechanism between the two.

As the years have passed, these Tandon hard drives for the most part have failed in most of the remaining D9060/D9090 hard drive units.

The DREM is a solid state MFM hard drive replacement board that utilizes an SDcard as the hard drive medium.  This solution is silent and extremely reliable as there are no moving parts.  COREi64 worked with the DREM engineers to develop the code required to make the DREM functional in the Commodore D9060/D9090.

The remaining challenge in installing an alternate HD solution stems from the fact that the SASI and DOS controller boards mount to the underside of the original Tandon drive.  In replacing the Tandon drive, and alternate means of attaching those controller boards needed to be found.

The selected solution was to use a defunct (non-functional) Seagate SD-225 (which is very common these days), strip it down to the frame, and utilize that frame as the basis for not only mounting the DREM but also mounting the SASI and DOS controller boards,

This mount attaches to the ST-225 frame that you would need to procure for this installation and does not come with this plastic mount.

This product comes with the plastic mount as seen in the first photo, and the required screws to attach your DREM to the mount, and the screws to attach the mount to your SD-225 frame. 

This is an original COREi64 design for mounting a DREM into the D9060/D9090 Commodore PET hard drive as mentioned above.

Take note that you will receive the mount as shown in the first photo.  No other hardware is included.  Anything else shown is for illustrative purposes only.

Commodore D9060/D9090 DREM Harddrive Mount

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