New for 2024, now you can purchase a 100 percent fully functional FD-4000 reproduction drive that contains a fully licensed FD-4000 v1.40 CMD DOSrom.

CMD FD-4000 Specifications

Extra-Density 3.5" Floppy Disk Drive (downward compatible with FD-2000 and 1581 diskettes)
Amazing 3.2 MB Extra Density Mode plus FD-2000 1.6mb Native compatibility and two 800K Double Density Modes (Native and 1581-compatible)
20% faster than a 1581 on a stock computer and up to 1500% faster on JiffyDOS equipped systems
Emulate multiple 1541/71/81 disks for compatibility or use Native Mode partitions for greater flexibility
True Subdirectory support in Native partitions
DIP-Switch configurable as device number 8 through 15
Front panel SWAP button for instant device 8 or 9 selection
Optional Real-Time Clock (RTC) stamps time and date on files and automatically sets GEOS clock
Innovative compact design

This reproduction FD-4000 disk drive is fully assembled and tested.  It may be purchased with or without the RTC clock module installed in the drive.  The case is a visually respectful FDM recreation of the original FD-Series case.  The main logic board is a recreation that's been re-drafted and cleaned up.  All the chips on the logic board are socketed which will allow for easy service work should it be required some decades from now.

The price includes the fully assembled and tested drive, and new Adafruit 9V 1A switching power supply.  You will need to supply your own IEC serial cable and Commodore 64/128/VIC-20 etc computer.

These drives are made to order, so please allow up to 1 week lead time before shipment.

CMD Reproduction FD-4000 Disk Drive

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