C8D Joystick Switcher

C8D Joystick Switcher
C8D Joystick Switcher
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C8D Joystick Switcher without case

This product is the Vimfuego's C8D Joystick Switcher!  The C8D Joystick Switcher swaps joystick port 1 and port 2 on Commodore 8-Bit computers at the push of a button. 


- Switches both the digital signals from the joystick and the analogue signals for the mouse or paddles. 
- Remembers the last swap state when turned off and resumes that mode when the C64 is turned on again. 
- Provides ESD protection for the C64's CIA's as there is no direct connection from the C64's ports to the joystick inputs. 

Note that you will receive one device without case.  If you'd prefer this device with a case, please see the following items:


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