Jason Ranheim CPR3 Cartridge Board

Jason Ranheim CPR3 Cartridge Board
Jason Ranheim CPR3 Cartridge Board
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NEW DDI - Commodore Jason Ranheim CPR3 Cartridge Board

The CPR3 cartridge board is a re-engineered copy of the original Jason Ranheim "CPR3" cartridge.

The CPR3 is one of several EPROM cartridge boards that were designed by Jason-Ranheim for the Commodore 64 computer, and was created to load a system state snapshot from two 32KB EPROM's via autoload code that resides in an 8KB EPROM.

Upon system power on, the 64KB snapshot is transferred to C64 RAM within a few seconds, where the 64 will seemlessly resume operation from where that system state had been captured.

The CPR3 was re-created by DDI and is now available here.  The EPROMS were rearranged to accomodate a center mounting hole for standard cartridge cases, and offers a position for an SMT power LED.

This listing is for one CPR3 gold plated board.  Build instructions and reference can be found on the DDI Projects page at DDI Project Page

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