VIC-20 Final Expansion 3 Rev11

VIC-20 Final Expansion 3 Rev11
VIC-20 Final Expansion 3 Rev11 VIC-20 Final Expansion 3 Rev11 VIC-20 Final Expansion 3 Rev11
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Complete case for the VIC-20 "Final Expansion 3 Rev 11" cartridge.

This is the complete case (cartridge not included) for the VIC-20 / VC20 Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 cartridge.  This is the version of the cartridge that has two full size IEC ports on the back.  It can be ordered here:

This revision of the Final Expansion 3 is functionally equivalent to both the Rev 9 and Rev 10 versions that have been sold in the past. It features the following: 

• Built-In Menu System. 
• A Built-in SD2IEC drive capable of running the latest SD2IEC firmware. 
• SD2IEC EEPROM File System (Beta). Allows you to store some files in the SD2IEC without using an SD card. See SD2IEC documentation for usage. 
• Diskloader to access files on the SD2IEC from the menu system. 
• Battery Backed Real Time Clock (RTC) for accurate Time/Date stamps on SD2IEC. 
• 512KB configurable memory expansion. 
• 512KB Programmable ROM. Flash your programs to ROM directly from your VIC-20. 
• FE3 DOS Wedge with SJLoad (JiffyDOS Compatible Load/Save). 
• Dual Reset Buttons – Resets current running configuration or back to menu. 

Final Expansion WIKI: 
Final Expansion Manual: 

The Final Expansion 3 Rev 11 has the following changes: 

• Dual IEC Headers allow you to use standard IEC cables as well as connect other IEC devices to your VIC-20 at the same time. 
• IEC cables can still be soldered directly to the PCB in place of the IEC headers if you prefer. Strain relief holes are provided on the PCB to allow for this type of assembly. 
• Component changes to allow for easier sourcing of parts and assembly of the kit. 
• Tactile switches allow for easier case mounting and removal of the case when replacing the Battery. 
• Downloadable 3D case designed by COREi64. (See Below) 
• One of three labels to match the case mounting option of your choice: Standard VIC-20 case without IEC Headers (cable directly wired), Standard VIC-20 case with IEC headers (top case cut to accommodate IEC Headers), or COREi64 designed case. 
• EEPROM pre-programmed with games by Jeffrey Daniels of the VIC-20 DENIAL Website 

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