Mini X-Pander Case

Mini X-Pander Case
Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case Mini X-Pander Case
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New 3D printed case for the Mini X-Pander by Arkanix Labs

This is a new three piece case for the Mini X-Pander by Arkanix Labs.  Note, this is the price for the case.  The Mini X-Pander is not included.  It can be purchased here:

Here is some information about the Mini X-Pander:

What is the Mini X-Pander and what purpose does it serve?

The Mini X-Pander was created to help Commodore users use their specialty carts like 64NIC+, FB-Net, RR-Net, and others on Commodore 128/128D models.

The Mini X-Pander has two main functions: 
- Two expansion slots; first one vertical and second one horizontal out the back of the Mini X-Pander board. This helps preserve the expansion port in your Commodore due to repeated connecting and disconnecting of cartridges. Plus the ability to use your two plugged in cartridges together if they use different memory addresses like $DE00, $DF00, etc.

- The ability to run cartridges that have been known to not work on a Commodore 128/128D in 64 mode. For example the 64NIC+ and FB-net network cartridges have never really worked on the Commodore 128/128D due to the line noise on the expansion port bus. The Mini X-Pander cleans these lines and allows for flawless usage of the affected cartridges.

The Mini X-Pander also includes a reset switch to save the wear and tear on your Commodore computer from turning the power on/off repeatedly.

The Mini X-Pander works with the Commodore C64/C64C/128/128D/SX64

We've tested the Mini X-Pander with the following cartridges:
64NIC+ (working)
FB-Net (working)
RR-Net (working)
The Final Ethernet (aka TFE) (needs testing)
MMC64 (working)
Easyflash v1(working)
EasyFlash3 (working)

Network compatible Software:
Contiki (webserver, IRC) (working)
WarpCopy 64 v0.6 (tranfers D64 images) (working)
ChatteRR-Box (Chat) (working)
GuruTerm Beta1 (Terminal client)
NetRacer v1.1 (needs testing)
Artillery Duel Network (needs testing)
CheerLights64 ( )

Not working with the Mini X-Pander:
IDE64 (not working)
1541Ultimate all version(not working)
REU's (not working) one of the buffered lines probably messing with the REU

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